Mini Air Conditioning Unit
Mini Air Conditioning Unit
Mini Air Conditioning Unit
Mini Air Conditioning Unit
Mini Air Conditioning Unit
Mini Air Conditioning Unit
Mini Air Conditioning Unit

Mini Air Conditioning Unit

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Product Details:

Portable Air Conditioning Fan Air Cooler For Room Mini Air Conditioner With Night Light Humidifier Air Purifier Cooling Fan


Air conditioner has three adjustable speed modes to provide you with more accurate control, and a quiet fan makes air circulation up to 8 hours on one filling.

Perfect gadget for the blazing hot season. Simply add water, and run the machine to enjoy cool air. With the hydrocooling technology and special filter, the cooler turns hot air into a pleasant cool breeze.


4-in-1 mini cooling air conditioner humidifies, purifies, and chills the air, LED night light to create a comfortable summer. Colorful build-in LED light makes it a great night light for your desk and bedroom

Air cooler is powered by USB, so it is very convenient to use in the workplace. You can connect it to your office computer and enjoy cool on a hot day. The device can work from the network, the length of the cord is 150 cm (the adapter is not included), as well as from the external battery.


Package Includes:

1 * Mini Air Conditioner
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual

What is Parkes Shower Stone™ made from?

Parkes Shower Stone™ is 80-90% diatomaceous earth, a unique type of natural rock that consists of fossilised algae and aquatic microorganisms; and 20-10% natural wood fiber & calcium hydroxide which is used to bind the sand particles.  Our Stone also has the environmental certificate Q/320585 and NWY 01-2018.

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How does the instant dry feature actually work?

Water particles are absorbed by natural degradable diatomite earth and thousands of micro pores allow water particles to quickly dissipate which allows rapid evaporation to take place on the surface of the Stone. 

What are the health benefits of using Parkes Shower Stone compared to regular bath mats?

Not only does the instant dry feature help prevent the formation of mold and mildew, the diatomite earth is also antimicrobial by nature. In its raw properties, the material attracts and binds bacteria and parasites which eventually dries out and kills them. 

*Is it a soft mat?

The small size is a stone mat - imagine the sensation when stepping out of a resort pool. But we heard some of your feedback: thats's why we are making a new soft version which has the same absorbing quality! Expected delivery around mid 2022. So hit the pre-order button to reserve yours!

How long can the Stone last until I have to get a new one?

You may notice a slight drop in absorption rate after a year or so. Depending on the ventilation of your bathroom, we suggest leaving it out in the sun occasionally to dry out any possible moisture trapped in the stone. 


What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30-day refund policy with 100% money back guarantee.  If the product arrived defective, please email us with your order number, photographs of the item, and all related references upon receiving your package. We will make it right by offering you a replacement or refund, and will do our very best to resolve your case as soon as possible.