The Product

What is Parkes Shower Stone™ made of?

Parkes Shower Stone™ is 80-90% biodegradable diatomaceous earth, a unique type of sand that consists of fossilized algae and 20-10% natural wood fiber and calcium hydroxide which is used to bind the sand particles. The end product is revolutionary compared to traditional bath mats for its instant dry feature, which prevents mold formation and significantly reduces bacterial growth. Our Stone also has the environmental certificate Q/320585 and NWY 01-2018.

How does the instant dry feature actually work?

Water particles are dissipated through millions of pores in Parkes Shower Stone which allows rapid evaporation to take place on the surface of the Stone. 

What are the health benefits of using Parkes Shower Stone to regular bath mats?

Not only does the instant dry feature helps prevent the formation of mold and dew, the Diatomaceous Earth is also antimicrobial by nature. In its raw properties, the material attracts and binds bacteria and parasites which eventually dries out and kills them. 

What should I do if the Shower Stone gets dirty?

We recommend gently sanding off the surface in circles if there is a stain or dirt patch. We don't recommend overdoing it because every layer of diatomaceous earth contributes to its water absorption funcionality. 

Why is there a rubber sheet that comes in the package?

The rubber sheet is the anti-slip layer we recommend placing underneath the stone. It grips and stabilizes the Stone to help prevent sliding on the floor. We suggest finding an absolutely flat surface to place the sheet and Stone on evenly.

What if my Shower Stone broke?

We offer a 30-day product guarantee that covers normal household use. This includes using the Shower Stone inside your house on flat surfaces (i.e. floors, counters, etc). If your Shower Stone breaks from common, everyday use, please send an email with your nameorder number, and pictures of the broken item to parkeshomeco@gmail.com. We will notify you once we’ve inspected your proof, and let you know if the refund was approved or not. If approved, you’ll be automatically refunded on your original payment method.

We do not accept nor recommend returns. But for the sake of our planet and environment, we suggest repurposing the Shower Stone as plant pot plate, pet food bowl mat, or places that would need a dry surface or anywhere you see fit. 

If your Shower Stone breaks due to dropping or other unintended uses, we will not be able to replace it but send us an email and we'll send a discount to help out. 

Do I need to do anything to care for the Stone?

Practically none! Depending on the ventilation in your bathroom, we would suggest leaving the stone out in the sun occasionally or lean it against a wall - just to air out any possible moisture trapped in the stone.

How long can the Stone last until I have to get a new one?

You may notice a drop in absorption rate after a year or so, but depending on the ventilation of your bathroom, we suggest leaving it out in the sun occasionally to dry out any possible moisture trapped in the stone. 

Order and delivery

Can I track my order?

Yes. We’ll provide updates at every stage of your order, from the moment you place it, through to despatch and delivery. In your delivery confirmation emails, you’ll receive a tracking reference which you can use to check the progress of your order online.

What countries do you ship to? What is your International Shipping Policy?

We ship to almost every country in the world however, fees will vary by country. To learn all the details on International Shipping, import fees and customs, please visit our Shipping Policy Page

How long does my order take?

Rest assured that we will have your order within 1-2 business days. Worldwide shipping time is about 3-4 weeks due to the ongoing global shipping delays and the pandemic situation. Every order placed comes with a tracking number. Contact us at charlie@parkeshome.co with any questions or if you need assistance with tracking.

What if the item(s) I received are defective/incorrect/damaged?

Please contact us within 30 days from receiving your order if you received merchandise that is incorrect, missing, and/or defective. Please include your order number, photographs of the item(s), and all related references upon receiving your package. We will make it right by offering you a replacement or refund, and will do our very best to resolve your case as soon as possible.