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one dry step at a time
breathable bath mat

The self-drying Parkes Shower Stone™ is designed to maintain dry, hygienic flooring and improve household health with sleek minimal modern aesthetics.

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Quick dry

Parkes Shower Stone™ surpasses traditional fabric bath mats with the unique ability to absorb and dissipate water efficiently

Bacterial eliminator

Traditional bath mats are prime bacterial incubators. Parkes Shower Stone™ dries up a wet spot in a matter of seconds and prevents mold & mildew formation


Our shower stone uses natural biodegradable diatomite earth as soaking agent - significantly reducing textile waste and household eco-footprint

My son is allergic to mold and he suffers from respiratory illness, so keeping the house dry and clean is paramount. We are SO glad to have found this magical cure.


Esme L.

Bathroom hygiene has always been a headache until we were introduced to Parkes Shower Stone - it is so simple yet you didn’t know you need it all along.


Anna R.

When I saw how it dries up in an instant, I knew my old soggy bath mat had to go.


Audrey H.

I've always feared for my elderly dad slipping on wet floor after a shower, until now. This is the solution.


Polly S.

From the package design to the rounded corner and chiseled details in the surface.. it’s now become a daily essential.


Arthur G.

It is almost therapeutic to see how the water disappears just like that after shower!


Laura P.
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